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Metal industry

We buy used machinery and equipment of the metal and plastics industry. We are also interested in overstock material of the metal industry that we export to Northern Africa and Eastern Europe to be used there.

Discarded metal or unusuable material will be going back to our in-house recycling plant.

Below you will find some examples of items we buy from all-over Europe:

  • Machinery and equipment for metal and plastics processing
  • Overstock items of all types of metal and every sector of the metal industry
  • Electroplating machinery and equipment
  • Electroplating material and accessories

Due to our extensive export possibilities we can take advantage of older materials as well. Please feel free to submit your offer.

The way of proceeding is quite easy and simple. We will gladly inspect the goods on site and make you an offer accordingly.

As soon as all parties concerned have agreed on the price, we assure a fast and secure payment before pick-up and shipping.


A quick collection of the goods might be guaranteed by entrusting a qualified forwarding agent or by using our own vehicles.