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Electrical Industry

Below you will find some examples of items of the electrical industry we purchase from all-over Europe:

  • Electric installation material for industry and building services
  • Lighting for industry and building services
  • Components for the electrical industry
  • Electrical and electrotecnical tools and devices
  • Electric motors and transformators
  • Material and equipment for constructing switchgears
  • Material for solar and photovoltaic technology
  • Material and tools for medical technology
  • Cables and wires (new ones as well as partially used cable drums and      bobbins, as well as shorter lengths of more than 3 metres)
  • High-voltage wires
  • Installation cables
  • Flexible wires
  • Communication cables
  • Control cables
  • Electronic lines
  • Data lines
  • Fire alarm cables
  • Single conductors and multi-wire cables